National Research Medicinal Plants Garden, Haldumulla
In 2010, a group of researchers found evidence of a Prehistoric burial ground in Haldummulla. In 2011 archaeologists found evidence of an ancient settlement, it’s the oldest and first ancient human dwelling to be found in the central hills in Sri Lanka. Archaeologists have unearthed a human dwelling in Haldummulla, Sri Lanka, which they believe is the oldest of its kind identified on the island so far. Prof. Raj Somadeva of the post graduate institute of Archaeology in the Kelaniya University said that it was discovered in an archaeological excavation carried out near Koswatta village in Haldummulla.

Earlier a burial ground was found 0.5 km from the recently discovered settlement. The archaeological site is situated 850 meters above sea level where the foundations of four houses, fireplaces, coal, iron, rock tools, pieces of clay pots and beads have been found.

Prof. Somadeva said that it is the first ancient human dwelling to be found in the central hills. Further investigations are being carried out with regard to the artefacts.
The foundations of two houses date back 3750 years. Two iron tools were found inside the foundations; pieces of red-coloured clay pots were also discovered, along with another object that resembles a pendant.

Ayurvedic Research Medicinal Plants Garden
This Ayurvedic Herbal Research Medicinal Plants Garden is located in Haldummulla, in the Badulla District of Uva Province and it is about 180 kilometers from Colombo. This medicinal plants garden is under the auspices of the Department of Ayurveda, of the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine and its Commissioner is the tireless Mr. Palitha Weerakone. The original acreage of this garden was 23 acres in 1986 but now it has added another 42 acres due to the determined efforts of Associate Professor Piyal Marasinghe who was the pioneer in designing and developing the garden from its inception.

About 1500 species of medicinal plants are used in Sri Lanka and 208 of them are frequently used. The knowledge of the people about many hereditary medicinal plants is very poor. These are the problems in identifying the medicinal value of the so used 208 species of medicinal plants. Indigenous medical practitioners should collect particulars and arrive at a decision in this connection. If these types of cultivation projects are implemented to establish national level medicinal plants garden to preserve ancient medicinal plant gardens and to propagate medicinal plant cultivation.

However, those who are interested Ayurveda and Medicinal plants should be happy meet him at this garden. The garden survived all goods and bad due to the determined efforts of this tall, lean but still handsome professor who puts all his efforts to its improvement from dawn to dusk.

According to the survey carried out by us there are many herbal gardens in Sri Lanka, this can be called the best. We were there few weeks back to get information and photographs for website and enjoyed the garden, the scenery the fauna and flora and the stay at the circuit bungalow. The appetizing food and the care of its caretaker Ratnasiri has to be penned. While talking to Professor Piyal he casually mentioned that even while walking he is careful not to disturb plants, fauna and flora. This simple statement identifies his love and care for nature.

Below are some photographs that we took during our stay and any who needs details of herbal plants may contact by e-mail for which Associate Professor Piyal Marasinghe on, and he would be happy reply during his free hours.
It's amazing just how many herbal treatments and cures there are in Sri Lanka. Almost every herb, vegetable and fruit has a wide variety of medicinal properties. In short, there's a cure for every ailment if you know herbs well enough. Herbal medications are also becoming popular exports in Sri Lanka.

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